Film, the Living Record of Our Memory

Film, the Living Record of Our Memory

Dir. Inés Toharia / Canada – Spain / 2021 / 119 min

*In collaboration with TV UNAM. Presented by the director Inés Toharia


Sala Lumiere, Casa del Lago UNAM

APRIL 20, 2023

18:30 h


Movie specs

Screenplay: Inés Toharia

Cinematography: Daniel Vilar

Film Editing: Abraham Lifshitz, Inés Toharia

Production: Isaac Garcia, Paul Cadieux

Production Company: El Grifilm Productions, Filmoption International


As we enter the digital age, our audiovisual heritage seems to be taken for granted. However, a good part of the cinema and of our filmed history has already been lost forever. Audiovisual archivists, curators, technicians and filmmakers from different parts of the world explain what film preservation is and why it is necessary. This documentary serves as a tribute to all of them and sheds light on their important work.

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