Viaje de gallo

Viaje de gallo

Dir. Laura Pesce / México – Francia / 1986 / 25 min


Sala Lumiere, Casa del Lago UNAM

APRIL 19, 2023

18:30 h


Movie specs

Screenplay: Laura Pesce, Anne Collot

Cinematography: Ortolf Karla, Isidro Rosas

Production Company: France Mexique Cinéma, Le Center National de la Cinématographie, L’Institut Français d’ Amérique Latine, The Short Film Production Center

IMCINE’s actions in favor of the preservation and cinematographic and audiovisual heritage

*Short film program of the Short Film Production Center, presented by Filmmaker María Novaro, General Director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography and Mezli Silva, Coordinator of the Collection of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography:


Laura Pesce presents the story of a rooster who travels from the countryside to Mexico City, where through images shows the daily life of the inhabitants of this city, the tianguis, the nightlife, the outskirts of the city and the fairs.

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