Sur sureste

Sur sureste


Sala Lumiere, Casa del Lago UNAM

APRIL 19, 2023

18:30 h


Movie specs

Screenplay: Paul Leduc, Carlos Castañón

Cinematography: Alexis Grivas, Miguel Garzón, Ángel Goded, Rafael Corkidi

Production Company: Department of Tourism, Banco Nacional Cinematográfico, Center for Short Film Production

IMCINE’s actions in favor of the preservation and cinematographic and audiovisual heritage

*Short film program of the Short Film Production Center, presented by Filmmaker María Novaro, General Director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography and Mezli Silva, Coordinator of the Collection of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography:


In the future, a couple hides from their persecutors in the archaeological ruins of Tulum, on the beaches of Cozumel, and in the hubbub of a day at the plaza in an indigenous town. Between fiction and tourist documentary, this short film stands out for the beautiful images of some paradisiacal natural settings in the Mexican southeast.

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